Frequently Asked Questions

1. I can't find where to type in my password

If you are seeing this page that means the website is "open" and not password protected.  That means either it is not peak season and we have chicks available to purchase without concern of selling out, or we are sold out.  When we are sold out, I open up the website again so you can view information about Fat Chicken Farm, the prices, how to order, etc. 

2. When do you send out the emails to order?

I try to send a warning email for weekly ordering opportunities, however, if we have an over-hatch and get more chicks than expected, I might send out an email Monday night or Tuesday Morning for same day shipping.  

3. My friend and I both ordered chicks from you but she got extra chicks and I didn't, what gives?

If we hatch more chicks than anticipated, we will send out extra chicks unless it's a lot more.  If we have 4 orders to fulfill and have 5 extra chicks, each box will get one extra chick and one will get two.  It's your lucky day! If you don't get an extra chick, we just didn't have enough to send.  If we have ten or more extra chicks available, we will put them up for sale. 

 4. What is your breeding style?

Our original chicks came from Bresse Farms and we also bought a couple hens from someone locally. We currently have four distinct breeding groups headed by four stud roosters: Big Man, Elvis, Wedge and Tom. 

While our goal is to improve the breed and improve our stock, our biggest priorities are to raise food for our families and have fun and raise healthy, vibrant animals. 

You can read more about them here and here.