About Fat Chicken Farm

Brian at the Field

In 2015,  Brian Gongloff discovered his low energy was due to a number of food allergies and sensitivities that restricted how he was absorbing nutrients. He learned he was allergic or sensitive to a long list of foods including meat, eggs and dairy. What do you do if you find out you can no longer eat any beef products due to an allergy? If you’re Brian Gongloff, you decide to focus on the foods you can eat, and eat the best quality you can find, even if that means growing your own.

In 2020, after raising a small flock of American Bresse chickens for himself and his family, and tasting the superior flavor and texture in these rare birds, Gongloff decided to produce as many chickens as possible for his own consumption and to share with others who also value top quality, locally grown, non-gmo, sustainable meat.

fat chicken farm blue sky

What was once something to do on a whim became a hobby, then a lifestyle and a passion. Brian now has hundreds of American Bresse chickens on more than fourteen acres of pasture. With four lines of breeding stock, selected for size, fertility, vigor and traits, Brian hatches weekly for his own flock and for sale to others who are passionate about raising their own sustainable flock while working to improve the Bresse breed.

If you know about chickens, you know about chicken math and what started with 20 chickens has become hundreds.  We have 4 breeding lines that live in extra large coops with runs next to our garden. Our birds raised for meat and our capons go out to the field to live in tractors on pasture. We currently have 4 tractors and are building more.