Our Bresse Flock

The Fat Chicken Farm flock was started in 2019.  Like many, we started with only 20 chickens and quickly fell in love with the breed for their beauty, taste and ease of care. From our original twenty, we chose three roosters to keep for breeding: FlapJack, Poncho and Big Man. 

Each rooster had its own strengths and weaknesses but we knew that with careful selection, we could try to bring out the best in each future generation.  

From the original three, Big Man is still producing for us. His fertility is excellent and nearly every egg from his hens will hatch.  We also have next Generation roosters, Elvis, Tom and Wedge, who are fertile and producing with year old hens. Wedge, Tom and Elvis are all descended from Poncho and FlapJack.  Poncho and FlapJack were "retired" after showing signs of aggressiveness. We have not seen this same aggressive trait in his sons but are watching closely.  Big Man is a gentle rooster but lacks the size we desire. 

Breeding is a balancing act. There is no such thing as a perfect chicken but we strive to improve the flock with each generation by cultivating and nurturing positive traits and sending the less beautiful chickens to freezer camp.  

We have been proud members of the Breeders Academy, led by Kenny Trioano since June 2022.   

During peak season, we send a mix of all flocks with your orders. In the off season we can accommodate specific requests to only ship chicks from specific pens with specific traits.