Customer Reviews

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Kim: I received 10 from Fat Chicken Farm that were born in May. They were all wonderful. Unfortunately 6 we’re Roos and 4 Pullets. We are down to our final two Roos we are keeping and we are keeping our 4 Pullets. I think I only had one boy that had some yellow leakage out of all 10! My main boy Romeo has beautiful white earlobes and 3 of the 4 girls do as well. I’m extremely pleased with the chicks I received and how they have grown.

Briana:  Mine that are about to be 11 weeks old are from Fat Chicken Farm. Beautifully growing and I definitely see the white earlobes and no yellowing. I haven’t looked through all thoroughly but there’s quite a few keepers for sure. Would definitely buy from them again and will once I see who I’m keeping and eating from this batch. Thank you again Fat Chicken Farm! You have beautiful birds and excellent service.

Nina: I have 18 from there that are 3 mos now. I'm really pleased. They are less yellow than the other stock I have and have the elusive white ear lobes. None have been nasty or aggressive to me or the others. I would not hesitate to order from there again.
Amanda: So happy with our little flock from this farm....All the chicks arrived healthy and have grown quickly and are strong. Hens should be laying anytime now! Roosters are handsome, 2 of them we are going to keep as they both have great qualities we want to pass down.
Brian: I would have loved to post a video of this comparison and also loved to have THIS information before hand. I have close to 200 chickens and so far the only 2 breeders that have REALLY stood out from the rest have been fat farm and a private breeder from ebay. Compared side bye side with chicks from bresse farms and fat farm anyone would see fat farms birds big time beat out bresse farms. I also received 2 free and all lived. I ordered on a Friday got them on a Monday of following week. Bresse farms took 5 months and 1 was dead in box. 1 died hour later and 1 died day later. They also sent me 4 road island reds for free. My most unliked bird. Who said I wanted them and what did that make up for? I’m telling u now 100% I would be shocked to find a better breeder then fat farm.