How To Order in Peak Demand

There has been tremendous demand this year for American Bresse chickens and breeders all over the United States are sold out or have long waiting lists. 

We have decided at Fat Chicken that the best way for us to handle the demand is to offer exclusive shopping to our mailing list subscribers for 24 hours before opening to the public. 

So far we have not been able to open to the public as chicks sell out in minutes. 

Don't be discouraged, we are hatching and selling weekly! 

We are asking that you order a minimum order of 10 chicks and a maximum of 20. This allows us to help more families start their flock with American Bresse Chickens. 

After a couple months of doing it this way we have learned a few things:

  1.  A good time to watch your email for overhatch chicks is Monday night and Tuesday morning.  If we have chicks hatch after we go to the post office to ship, we will post them for sale late Monday or early Tuesday when we have an idea how many to post. 
  2. We don't sell out farther than 3 weeks.  First of all, we need to know how many eggs we have before we can take a wild guess at how many will hatch.  We have a fantastic incubator with a great track record as well as fertile and active chickens, but there are still sometimes things that can make hatching unpredictable... For example, we live in a hot climate which means as summer wears on, the air conditioner pumps harder which in the past has affected the incubator's humidity.  We haven't been through the hottest parts of summer yet with the new incubator so it will be a learning experience.  We also live in hurricane belt which can disrupt more than just hatching.  We feel that if we only sell 3 weeks out then not only can we predict our hatches better but also, should something unexpected come up, we can still fulfill existing orders within the month. 
  3. We will have more chicks available in the off season and shopping won't be quite so complicated.  And if it is any reassurance to you, we started our flock with 20 chickens and we have now raised hundreds!

When you get the email with the password, enter the password in the top right hand corner of the website and it will allow you to shop. 

Thank you so much for your understanding and for your interest in our chickens! If you have any other questions feel free to email me at Kathryn at

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